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"For better, for worse". How many of us look back on these words with the benefit of hindsight and wonder if we'd realised what we were letting ourselves in for. Love, romance and wedding days are wonderful life experiences, but the real life experience for couples marrying is the commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, come what may. When you stop and think about it, it is a daunting prospect. Even the most in love couples are going to hit bad patches, and who among us knows for certain what is around the corner for us.

However, this isn't meant to pour cold water on what will be a wonderful experience for you both. Every couple intending to marry looks forward to a long and happy life together. The amazing thing about love is that it really can conquer all - with a little help in the way of trust, faithfulness, and courage. Of course a little preparation can go a long way. Even the most loving couples, who have known each other perhaps all their lives, can sometimes be surprised to find out something about their partner that they never knew before. This is where pre-marriage courses can be really helpful. Not only do they give couples the chance to discuss a wide range of issues which they may not have considered before, they also give you time to spend together to reflect on what you want, where you are going and how you see your future lives together. There are many good pre-marriage courses available. Most courses are flexible enough to offer a range of options for you to attend at times that suit you. Some are run on, for example, two consecutive weekends.

Others are run over a number of nights, usually four in all. You should look for a course run by trained counsellors. You may find that instead of being a necessary thing to be ticked off the pre-wedding must do list, you will find your course opening up new horizons for you both and bringing you together in a way that you may not have experienced before. After all, marriages are all about the future, and discussing and planning your future together is what your getting married is all about. Here are some good reasons for attending a pre-marriage course (some of which you might not have thought about before): OK, it does get one of your must do's off the list before the wedding!

It allows you to discuss topics relevant to marriage, and getting married today, with other couples in a similar situation to yourself. It gives you the opportunity to talk to counsellors who have gone through many issues, problems and life experiences with married couples of all shapes and sizes. You can benefit from their professional and personal experiences.

The course will highlight for each of you what you first saw in each other, why you want to be together, and how you will make your future together a happy one. If you have any worries, or issues that you have questions about, you can discuss these in confidence with the people who run the course.

Apart from everything else, it gives you both a "time out", away from all the bustle of organising a wedding, to think about beyond the wedding day into your future. It gives you time to really talk to each other.

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